Deadpool Hosting ‘SNL?’ Fans Clamoring For Superhero — Not Ryan Reynolds

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Fans just CANNOT get enough of Deadpool! After the film of the same name totally dominated the box office, fans have started pleading, and plotting, for the character himself — not the actor who plays him — to host ‘SNL!’

You heard right, fans are begging for the fictional comic book turned big-screen hero, Deadpool — not Ryan Reynolds, 40 — to make an appearance on Saturday Night Live as the show’s host! So much so that an actual petition was started, which has already collected over 36,000 signatures we might add! Here’s what we know!

“Having Deadpool host, star, and be all over the episode would get the DVR set so I can watch it again and again!!!” one steadfast Deadpool fan who wrote the petition gushed. But while the fan admits that he has “not watched a full episode of SNL in years because I just haven’t been able to stomach an entire episode,” he truly believes that having the fictional superhero appear on the show would be the best thing that ever happened to the sketch comedy series. And by the looks of how much love his petition is getting, many fans seem to agree!

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Let it be noted that the petition literally seeks to have the actual Deadpool character, not Ryan, serve as an SNL host. And we have to say, we would love to see the rated R hero on the SNL stage. But how would such a raunchy character get away with hosting a network television show? For starters, he’d have to clean up his act a bit. But may we suggest having Ryan host, for his second time, and then have him play Deadpool in a few skits? …Something tells us that would not satisfy the fans.

“Let’s face it SNL is getting a bit stale, this would be perfect for the adult audience, and I think ratings would go through the roof. Time to mix it up Lorne,” one fan commented on the petition. Another revealed, “If deadpool hosted SNL, it would literally make me wanna go and slap my mom….in…the….FACE! I love Deadpool.” Wow — clearly fans are WAY enthusiastic about this idea!

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The petition seeks 50,000 signatures total, but even if these hopeful fans’ wishes don’t become reality, there’s zero chance they’ve seen the last of Deadpool. In fact, there’s word that the film’s screenwriters are already making plans for a sequel, according to Entertainment Weekly. SNL or no SNL, we cannot wait to see more of this brilliant hero!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers: would you love to see Deadpool host SNL? Or do you think Ryan would be just as good?

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