Donald Trump Book Sales Surge in South Korea

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Donald Trump

About a dozen books by or about the U.S. president-elect are selling faster, with some becoming bestsellers overnight.

Sales of books related to Donald Trump have soared in South Korea following his surprise win in the U.S. presidential election, with some becoming bestsellers overnight.

The Korean translation of Crippled America, penned by Trump himself, sold at a fast and furious rate as local media headlines and the general public reacted to the election results. Koreans bought about 1,200 copies of the book on Wednesday alone, according to its local publisher Ire Media, compared to an average of 10 per day prior to the election. The publisher plans to make additional prints due to the newfound high demand.

At Kyobo, the country’s largest offline bookstore, books by or about the future man in the White House sold about 50 times more copies than usual between Wednesday and Thursday noon, according to a spokesperson for the company.

There are currently about a dozen titles on the incoming head-of-state. Prepare for President Trump by Jay Kim (a.k.a. Chang Joon Kim), a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California and the first Korean American to be elected to the U.S. Congress, led offline sales at Kyobo. Donald Trump by Kang Jun-man, professor of mass communications at Chonbuk University, and How Trump Became Trump by Hong Jang-won, a journalist at Maeil Business Newspaper, followed behind.

Crippled America ranked no. 18 on Kyobo’s online daily bestseller list, followed by Prepare for President Trump at no. 19 and The Art of the Deal, written by Trump, at no. 25. No Trump or Trump-related books ever featured on the bestseller list before Election Day. The Korean translation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1 (Special Rehearsal Edition) topped this list on Thursday. 

Sales of the Trump books have also increased on other major online stores in South Korea, such as Yes24 and Interpark, with sales multiplying by about 9.5 times on the latter.

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