‘Hawaii Five-O’ Star Grace Park Joins Judy Greer in ‘Public Schooled’ (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Characters Talent Agency
Grace Park

Canada-based filmmakers Kyle Rideout and Josh Epstein are behind the coming-of-age comedy.

Grace Park, one of the stars of CBS’ long-running Hawaii Five-O, has joined Judy Greer in Public Schooled, a coming-of-age comedy from Canada-based filmmakers Kyle Rideout and Josh Epstein.

Public Schooled will star Greer as the mother of a socially awkward boy who has been home-schooled his whole life. When the boy falls in love with a popular one-legged girl, he abandons his mother’s suffocating love and enrolls in public school, entering a world of sex, drugs and social studies.

Park will play Greer’s best friend.

Epstein and Rideout co-wrote the script, and Rideout is directing. Epstein is producing.

Shooting is set to begin this month in Vancouver.

Park made a name for herself in the geek-fan community when she played Boomer and Athena on the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, which ran from 2004-2009. The actress is now shooting her seventh season of Hawaii Five-O.

Park is repped by Characters Talent Agency and Capstone Management.

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